Friday, July 2, 2010

Paypal verification explained in plain terms

WHAT IS PAYPAL? Paypal is an online account ,which is being used by webmasters, ecommerce websites to receive payment from their customers, alternatively it is used to receive payment online,most these websites,if you don’t have paypal you can not Do any business with them. WHY PAYPAL Paypal is the only secured online payment, that is the reason for its popularity. HOW TO OPEN PAYPAL IN NIGERIA    This is where am going to ,like I said earlier on,a lot of Nigerians have being looking for ways to open a paypal account for their online business. I am into affiliate marketing,info marketing and blogging. After few months,I wanted to collect my online earnings,then the need for  paypal arise,then I get to discovered that paypal doesn’t want to see my face and some other African countries not to talk of opening an account with them. Then I cracked the code on how to open and verify your paypal    IF YOU CAN FOLLOW THIS STEPS THEN YOU CAN OPEN YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT FOR FREE WITHIN FEW MINUTES. FIRSTLY,changing your nigerian ip to u.s ip or rather browsing from nigeria with a u.s ip.I will advise you not to use proxy sites because pay pal have the technology and will detect this but they will not tell you untill you have enough money in your account and it will be frozen. after you have change your nigeria ip to us ip,Go to and register with a u.s address and phone no,after you have done this,go to and purchase a virtual credit card of any amount you desire you can purchase a card with $5 value since you want it to verify your paypal this site has a card specifically for paypal verification.  you can also visit to purchase your virtual credit card. Now the rule is you must use the name,us address and phone number you use to open  paypal to buy the virtual credit card so that this can  match. After buying the virtual credit card log in to your paypal account and add the card to your account.Your paypal account is verified account is verified. if you have your virtual credit card on ground,you can open the paypal account within 5 minutes. Because you have change your ip to u.s ip.paypal will not ask you to verify your account you account is verified instantly.paypal only ask people that are opening a paypal 4 rom outside the the us to verify their account but if you live in the u.s just add your credit card to your paypal and your account is verified. But because you av change your ip to us,you are now browsing 4 rom the u.s it is as simple as that. HOW TO FUND YOUR  PAY PAL YOU CAN FUND YOU ACCOUNT BY  GOING TO paypal.html OR VISIT or buy another virtual card with the same name,u.s address and phone that you used to open paypal and add it to your pay pal account. HOW TO WITHDRAW FROM YOUR ACCOUNT REGISTER WITH CREDIT NAIRA WITH YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS You need to login to your paypal account, click on Send Money, and send money to . Make sure you send the payment using your creditnaira email address. Once your payment is received, your creditnaira account will be automatically credited. You can also withdraw through a debit card the debit card has the following features: , The cards are issued by a bank from USA and they work worldwide. , Easy funding by AlertPay / Pecunix/ Liberty Reserve / AlterGold/ C-GOLD - No loading limit ! , ATM withdrawals WORLDWIDE- cash access in the MasterCard/Cirrus network(zenith bank.) , Card-to-card transfers , US bank account linked (you can receive bank wires and ACH directly on card)which means you can receive payment 4 rom paypal. , Anyone can apply around the world , Provides financial privacy ; card transactions are not reported to credit agencies. , Online balance access , Card to international bank transfer. , you can also use this debit card as bank account to verify your paypal.

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