Friday, July 2, 2010

Paypal lesson 1

Let me ask you, Do you know that without a paypal account, your online business is paralyzed? yes, because it is the most accepted online payment solution available. That is why as an internet marketer, it is indispensible. Unlike click bank or liberty reserve, paypal account is universally accepted as online payment solution. unfortunately, we are in Nigeria, a country where our outside world has seen us as fraud stars, that incident led to the barning of Nigerians from opening and using paypal account. But as a Nigeria, we will not just sit down folding our arms and watch the whole world venture deeply into the internet ; that was while the born internet gurus in Nigeria went on a research on how we can open and verify our paypal account here in Nigeria. successfully we are back to bring to you the trick. What you are experted to do?    Now to start opening your paypal account in Nigeria, visit http://www. and click on ‘sign up’.    Select personal, premier or business account depending on your purpose of opening the account.    Now paypal will bring up page for you to fill that will contain your details like name, date of birth, email address, address and phone number, zip code etc. all you need to do here is fill up  the details but be very careful when you fill you address and phone number.    The main crux in opening a paypal account is how to get a valid address and phone number (US address and phone number is advisable). Now to get a US address and phone number, you need to go to http://www. to buy a US address and phone number. But many of us still want to get the details without paying a dine, yes it is very possible but it is somewhat tricky and we marketers don’t reveal it easily. If you want to get valid us address and phone number free of charge, send me a mail on .    Now when you finish filling this form correctly, you are good to go; you can then submit the form.    The next step now is to verify your account; it is quite simple compare to opening the account itself. What you have to do is to go to http;// to purchase a visa card to verify your account. NOTE: many of you that already have a credit card, say a visa card or a MasterCard from Nigerian banks; do not be tempted to go and use it to verify your account as paypal will not look at it twice before banning your account.    Now you are to pay virtual-cc $7.5 for the visa card. Don’t bother about the method of payment because it is liberty reserve. If you don have account yet with them, goto (be care of fraudulent sites like ) and register, this time don’t bother about the address because Nigeria is still recognized there.    To fund your liberty reserve (LR for short), just visit http://www. or http://www and use their calculator to evaluate how much you are to pay to the bank My esteemed Nigerians, this is the far I can go, but to avert the problems of paypal like placing your account unlimited and some other security and anti-spam measures. You have to boycott this trouble; you have to take some precautions to avoid your account getting banned. My dear reader, I know you will still encounter a lot of problems in opening your paypal account. That is why I have bent down to get all the details to opening your paypal account with ease. There have been compiled and detailed with snapshot just for you to lay hands on them. With this E book, you can open and verify either a paypal account or a click bank account within 45 minutes. You will also gain an extra giveaway package- mass article control submitter for the first 20 persons to get this E book. How can I get this E book? To get this hot E book to open a paypal and verify your paypal account, simply send a mail with the subject “MY COPY OF THE PAYPAL SECRET” to and you will get a reply within 24 hours containing further instructions. My dear Nigerians, this is time to take a stand and make a difference in your life. Visit to mount a foundation with which you start making at least $50- $100 everyday.

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