Friday, July 2, 2010

Paypal lesson 2

Free Information On How To Open And Verify Paypal Account In Nigeria Many Nigerians Are Looking for information on how to open and verify paypal account as Right here in Nigeria.Many people have being victims of scams who promise to send them the information in certain amount of money.After the payment,they just ran away with the money and the information will not be sent to them.If you are one of such people that have been scammed or you badly wants to open and verify your paypal account as a Nigeria,then read on.This article is not for Nigerians Only, there are many other countries that paypal do not accept,so I believes this guide will be useful to you.First, I will like to let all know that paypal account is very important to anybody that is a serious Internet marketer since it is by far the best, most popular and widely used payment possessor.Below are the processes of Opening and Verifying paypal account as In Country that is not accepted by Paypal Opening Process 1. You have to use proxy address in Registering your account,though Paypal do not mind your Ip but you have to make sure you are on the right track,To get a proxy address,search for Us proxy address in Google. Though you will not open us paypal account,using us proxy website in the process is advices.If you are using us Ip-cool! 2. As a Nigerian,I will not advise you to open Us Paypal-this advise is out of experience.Dude,why not use Niger as your country? 3. Go to google and search for Niger Street Address, You can also search for phone number in Niger. 4. Go to,Click sign-Up,Scroll down To Niger in the form as your country. 5.. You will be asked to select account type,chose premium account 6. Fill the form using the information you searched in google and your real e-mail address. 7. You need to verify your e-mail address,login the e-mail address you used in registration check the confirmation e-mail in your inbox,if you did not find it there,then check spam folder.the the link to confirm-Viola Yo are Done.Next Step-Verification! Verification Process 1. The Only process to verify your paypal account using Visa Credit Card. The credit card must me accepted by paypal as there are many VCC that paypal rejects.To get the credit card that can be used to verify paypal visit http:// (They will also give you guide on how to verify your paypal accout). 2. Please make sure you use the address you used in opening your paypal account to get your Visa Credit card.After you got your VCC Follow other steps 3. Login to your paypal account and click Unverified 4. It will load and tell you to add your credit card details,Do it 5. Paypal will send you confirmation message,confirm it and you are done. Heck!Your paypal account is verified at last!

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