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How to convert paypal cash to naira

How To Exchange (Convert) Paypla Dollar To Naira Here is a very simple trick on Exchanging (Converting) your Paypal Dollar to Nigerian Naira. To your Nigerian Bank account without any hassle. You see, In one of my post on this Blog which is Titled " How To Open and Verify Paypal Account In Nigeria " I showed Nigerians simple trick on how to open and verify Paypal account without Opening US Bank account. But Here is the main questions I was asked in the Post HOW DO I NOW CONVERT MY PAYPAL MONEY TO NAIRA. Below is a very simple step to follow in other to convert your Paypal $$ To Nigerian Naira. Visit This website In The front page, you will see this option in a drop down form Spend - Please Select Paypal in the option Receive - Select Liberty Reserve In the Option Click Continue You will see a form that ask you how mush you wants to exchange, Type in your desired amount (Eg, 500) It will automatically show you how mush will receive. Fill in your Paypal E-mail and Your Liberty Reserve Account Number ( where they will automatically send the fund) and Click continue. You will be asked to Login to your Paypal Account in other to Authorize the transaction. After you make the payment, it will automatically send the fund to your Liberty Reserve. Now Follow this step to Exchange your Liberty Reserve Dollar To Nigerian Naira Visit this website ( it is owned by a reputable Nigerian, Oyeleke Toye, you can find more about him at http:// ) . Follow the simple instruction to exchange your Liberty Reserve Dollar To Naira, You are done. Thanks and have a Nice Day

Paypal verification explained in plain terms

WHAT IS PAYPAL? Paypal is an online account ,which is being used by webmasters, ecommerce websites to receive payment from their customers, alternatively it is used to receive payment online,most these websites,if you don’t have paypal you can not Do any business with them. WHY PAYPAL Paypal is the only secured online payment, that is the reason for its popularity. HOW TO OPEN PAYPAL IN NIGERIA    This is where am going to ,like I said earlier on,a lot of Nigerians have being looking for ways to open a paypal account for their online business. I am into affiliate marketing,info marketing and blogging. After few months,I wanted to collect my online earnings,then the need for  paypal arise,then I get to discovered that paypal doesn’t want to see my face and some other African countries not to talk of opening an account with them. Then I cracked the code on how to open and verify your paypal    IF YOU CAN FOLLOW THIS STEPS THEN YOU CAN OPEN YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT FOR FREE WITHIN FEW MINUTES. FIRSTLY,changing your nigerian ip to u.s ip or rather browsing from nigeria with a u.s ip.I will advise you not to use proxy sites because pay pal have the technology and will detect this but they will not tell you untill you have enough money in your account and it will be frozen. after you have change your nigeria ip to us ip,Go to and register with a u.s address and phone no,after you have done this,go to and purchase a virtual credit card of any amount you desire you can purchase a card with $5 value since you want it to verify your paypal this site has a card specifically for paypal verification.  you can also visit to purchase your virtual credit card. Now the rule is you must use the name,us address and phone number you use to open  paypal to buy the virtual credit card so that this can  match. After buying the virtual credit card log in to your paypal account and add the card to your account.Your paypal account is verified account is verified. if you have your virtual credit card on ground,you can open the paypal account within 5 minutes. Because you have change your ip to u.s ip.paypal will not ask you to verify your account you account is verified instantly.paypal only ask people that are opening a paypal 4 rom outside the the us to verify their account but if you live in the u.s just add your credit card to your paypal and your account is verified. But because you av change your ip to us,you are now browsing 4 rom the u.s it is as simple as that. HOW TO FUND YOUR  PAY PAL YOU CAN FUND YOU ACCOUNT BY  GOING TO paypal.html OR VISIT or buy another virtual card with the same name,u.s address and phone that you used to open paypal and add it to your pay pal account. HOW TO WITHDRAW FROM YOUR ACCOUNT REGISTER WITH CREDIT NAIRA WITH YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS You need to login to your paypal account, click on Send Money, and send money to . Make sure you send the payment using your creditnaira email address. Once your payment is received, your creditnaira account will be automatically credited. You can also withdraw through a debit card the debit card has the following features: , The cards are issued by a bank from USA and they work worldwide. , Easy funding by AlertPay / Pecunix/ Liberty Reserve / AlterGold/ C-GOLD - No loading limit ! , ATM withdrawals WORLDWIDE- cash access in the MasterCard/Cirrus network(zenith bank.) , Card-to-card transfers , US bank account linked (you can receive bank wires and ACH directly on card)which means you can receive payment 4 rom paypal. , Anyone can apply around the world , Provides financial privacy ; card transactions are not reported to credit agencies. , Online balance access , Card to international bank transfer. , you can also use this debit card as bank account to verify your paypal.

Paypal lesson 3

In this post, you will be shown how to open an unverified PayPal account in Nigeria using your Nigerian address and your Nigerian I.P Let's Begin INTRODUCTION:
The first thing is for you to go over to the PayPal website and that is . Once you get to the website, look at the top of the page and click on SIGN UP. If you find that hard to do, then just go directly to the registration page which is After clicking on the sign up page, you will then be directed in less than 20 seconds by PayPal to another page where you will be asked to select: Country Language Type of account In the country choose NIGER [You will soon see later why you should choose Niger]. In the language section, choose the U.S ENGLISH and then Choose a PERSONAL ACCOUNT type. Click Get Started, When the next page displays. It will bring out a form that you will be required to fill. Some of the details that you will be asked to fill in are: First Name: Last Name: Email Address: Phone Number: Those ones won’t be hard for you to answer. So let’s just go straight to the area where you will asked to choose: A country Put your address Phone number Zip code PayPal account login and finally password recovery question an answer. This is where most Nigerians get to and then there seems to be no way out. In the section where you will be asked to select your country of citizenship, choose NIGERIA . The reason is this, a NIGER address looks almost like a Nigerian address that it will take only someone who has been to both countries to be able to detect. Not only does the name NIGERIA and NIGER looks similar the addresses that are used in both countries are alike. Once again choose NIGERIA . After you have done that, go ahead and place your Nigerian HOME address in the address section. Put the Nigerian ZIP which is 234 and your state Code, for example if you stay in Lagos it will be something like 23401 , while someone who stays in Ibadan will have to write 23402. Just in case you are not sure of your zip-code, just include 23400 . It will be accepted. After you have done that go ahead and complete the remaining questions there like. QUESTION & ANSWERS section. Choose a question and answer that you will not easily forget so that just in case you misplace your password you can easily get it back rather than trying to open another new PayPal account, you might lose money if you neglect the importance of choosing and answering a question you won’t easily forget. Also in the PayPal account login information box, choose the email that you are going to be using for your PayPal account. It will be like your account number, so when someone wants to pay into your PayPal account all they will need is just your PayPal account email address. When you do all this, click the SIGN UP button and the finally. You will be taken to a page confirming your registration. In the last page PayPal will notify that you have been sent a confirmation link in the email you placed in the form while registering, Go back to the email address that you placed. Open the PayPal email, click the link and confirm. And then,  what about the I.P address issue? Nice question. This is what happened. While NIGER is seen as your country or region and you choose NIGERIA as your country of citizenship, If tomorrow they see you open your PayPal account in with a Nigeria I.P, they wont block it because they will “assume” that you are in your country [Nigeria], not just that like I said if you are using an unverified account it even increases your chances of not being blocked to 101 %. Meanwhile I will advice that you don't always check your PayPal account. Check your PayPal maybe once or maximum twice a month. Another way to add to this system is to block your I.P address. With this you can open your PayPal account without any fears. Once you are able to use a powerful software to change your i.p address you be will be sure that your money in your PayPal account won't get frozen. Here is a software that less than 50 people use in Nigeria. It was created by the chinese and very expensive too. Download the software to your system, follow the instructions and your I.P will be covered or changed to a country suitable for PayPal. Download the software from: zip NOTE: Whenever someone pays money into your PayPal account, PayPal immediately sends you an email that a payment has been sent to you. Which means that you should only check your PayPal, when you want to transfer the money.

Paypal lesson 2

Free Information On How To Open And Verify Paypal Account In Nigeria Many Nigerians Are Looking for information on how to open and verify paypal account as Right here in Nigeria.Many people have being victims of scams who promise to send them the information in certain amount of money.After the payment,they just ran away with the money and the information will not be sent to them.If you are one of such people that have been scammed or you badly wants to open and verify your paypal account as a Nigeria,then read on.This article is not for Nigerians Only, there are many other countries that paypal do not accept,so I believes this guide will be useful to you.First, I will like to let all know that paypal account is very important to anybody that is a serious Internet marketer since it is by far the best, most popular and widely used payment possessor.Below are the processes of Opening and Verifying paypal account as In Country that is not accepted by Paypal Opening Process 1. You have to use proxy address in Registering your account,though Paypal do not mind your Ip but you have to make sure you are on the right track,To get a proxy address,search for Us proxy address in Google. Though you will not open us paypal account,using us proxy website in the process is advices.If you are using us Ip-cool! 2. As a Nigerian,I will not advise you to open Us Paypal-this advise is out of experience.Dude,why not use Niger as your country? 3. Go to google and search for Niger Street Address, You can also search for phone number in Niger. 4. Go to,Click sign-Up,Scroll down To Niger in the form as your country. 5.. You will be asked to select account type,chose premium account 6. Fill the form using the information you searched in google and your real e-mail address. 7. You need to verify your e-mail address,login the e-mail address you used in registration check the confirmation e-mail in your inbox,if you did not find it there,then check spam folder.the the link to confirm-Viola Yo are Done.Next Step-Verification! Verification Process 1. The Only process to verify your paypal account using Visa Credit Card. The credit card must me accepted by paypal as there are many VCC that paypal rejects.To get the credit card that can be used to verify paypal visit http:// (They will also give you guide on how to verify your paypal accout). 2. Please make sure you use the address you used in opening your paypal account to get your Visa Credit card.After you got your VCC Follow other steps 3. Login to your paypal account and click Unverified 4. It will load and tell you to add your credit card details,Do it 5. Paypal will send you confirmation message,confirm it and you are done. Heck!Your paypal account is verified at last!

Paypal lesson 1

Let me ask you, Do you know that without a paypal account, your online business is paralyzed? yes, because it is the most accepted online payment solution available. That is why as an internet marketer, it is indispensible. Unlike click bank or liberty reserve, paypal account is universally accepted as online payment solution. unfortunately, we are in Nigeria, a country where our outside world has seen us as fraud stars, that incident led to the barning of Nigerians from opening and using paypal account. But as a Nigeria, we will not just sit down folding our arms and watch the whole world venture deeply into the internet ; that was while the born internet gurus in Nigeria went on a research on how we can open and verify our paypal account here in Nigeria. successfully we are back to bring to you the trick. What you are experted to do?    Now to start opening your paypal account in Nigeria, visit http://www. and click on ‘sign up’.    Select personal, premier or business account depending on your purpose of opening the account.    Now paypal will bring up page for you to fill that will contain your details like name, date of birth, email address, address and phone number, zip code etc. all you need to do here is fill up  the details but be very careful when you fill you address and phone number.    The main crux in opening a paypal account is how to get a valid address and phone number (US address and phone number is advisable). Now to get a US address and phone number, you need to go to http://www. to buy a US address and phone number. But many of us still want to get the details without paying a dine, yes it is very possible but it is somewhat tricky and we marketers don’t reveal it easily. If you want to get valid us address and phone number free of charge, send me a mail on .    Now when you finish filling this form correctly, you are good to go; you can then submit the form.    The next step now is to verify your account; it is quite simple compare to opening the account itself. What you have to do is to go to http;// to purchase a visa card to verify your account. NOTE: many of you that already have a credit card, say a visa card or a MasterCard from Nigerian banks; do not be tempted to go and use it to verify your account as paypal will not look at it twice before banning your account.    Now you are to pay virtual-cc $7.5 for the visa card. Don’t bother about the method of payment because it is liberty reserve. If you don have account yet with them, goto (be care of fraudulent sites like ) and register, this time don’t bother about the address because Nigeria is still recognized there.    To fund your liberty reserve (LR for short), just visit http://www. or http://www and use their calculator to evaluate how much you are to pay to the bank My esteemed Nigerians, this is the far I can go, but to avert the problems of paypal like placing your account unlimited and some other security and anti-spam measures. You have to boycott this trouble; you have to take some precautions to avoid your account getting banned. My dear reader, I know you will still encounter a lot of problems in opening your paypal account. That is why I have bent down to get all the details to opening your paypal account with ease. There have been compiled and detailed with snapshot just for you to lay hands on them. With this E book, you can open and verify either a paypal account or a click bank account within 45 minutes. You will also gain an extra giveaway package- mass article control submitter for the first 20 persons to get this E book. How can I get this E book? To get this hot E book to open a paypal and verify your paypal account, simply send a mail with the subject “MY COPY OF THE PAYPAL SECRET” to and you will get a reply within 24 hours containing further instructions. My dear Nigerians, this is time to take a stand and make a difference in your life. Visit to mount a foundation with which you start making at least $50- $100 everyday.

On blog success.

This might come as a big surprise to you but the fact is that, if you just blog to make money , you will likely not make money. If you check most Nigerian blogs, over 70 % are sales page,just advertising this or that with no useful content. When a blog just have 5 pages,with 4 of the pages advertising a product or service, how do you expect to make money with it? Yes, you can make good money with a blog, but it takes a lot more than " no effort". If you really want to make money with your blog, just keep blogging with passion and money will come naturally after you might have put some things in place e.g good traffic, rich content, SEO etc. To be honest to you,if the only reason you are blogging is to get rich, you will fail. 2. Not Updating   Nothing kills a blog faster than lack of updates. A non-updated blog is a dead blog. Many Nigerian bloggers fail to make money because most of their blogs are dead. Most of them blog in niches that they have no passion for and eventually get bored fast, hence, living their blog un- updated for a long time. Even, if you just want to be making money on your blog via Google Adsense , if you fail to keep updating your blog, it might take you 2 years before you make $100. Yes, I mean it. So, for you to be making money with your blog,pick a niche you will love to be writing about and also make sure you make a commitment to keep your blog updated, even if it is just one post per week or ten posts per day. 3. Not Willing To Learn First   Most Nigeria bloggers are not willing to learn before they earn. For example, if you do not know how to create channels for Adsense ads, don' t know how to use the Competitive Ad Filter, don't know how to use the Adsense Preview tool, then how do you want to make good money from Google Adsense? If you don't know how Paypal or clickbank works, then how do you want to make money through Affiliate marketing? If you don't know how to get free articles you can use to write an ebook or don't know how to resell other people ebooks, then how do you want to make money though information marketing? To make good money online as a blogger, there are many things you must learn before you earn and unfortunately, there is no end to learning. You must also learn to write well,learn how to drive good traffic to your blog, how to really monetize your blog, how to tweak your blog so that your blog posts can be showing in the top results of search engine queries and many more. I keep learning everyday and the more I learn, the more I get to know new tricks which I keep using to fetch me more money online. Basically, you will and must continue to learn if you want to earn big. 4. Being a Copycat Many Nigerian bloggers fail to make money online because their blogs have no difference whatsoever as long as other blogs are concerned. They do what  others are doing, say exactly what others are saying, infact, they are just COPYCAT BLOGGERS. I am certainly not the first Nigerian to write about making money online or about blogging tricks, so what makes me not a copycat? Well, the simple truth is that you can write about the same thing as the next blog, but you need to add your own views to make it unique. Don't just copy and paste what another blog posted. Give your opinion because that's what blogging is all about. The most unique thing about your blog is YOU. If your blog is not different from others by content, design, ideas, opinion etc, then you might not make huge impact. There is not other way;BE DIFFERENT OR DIE TRYING. 5. No Commitment And Seriousness   This is another reason why most Nigerian Bloggers fail. Most of them are not committed and are not really serious about blogging especially when they have made no financial commitment for the blogs. Blogging requires your time, money and energy. If you are not willing to make that commitment, then you will likely fail as a blogger. 6. Not Connecting With Other Bloggers   Many Nigerian Bloggers don't really make money online because they fail to realize the fact that they need to interact with other bloggers in the blogosphere for them to really make it online. With facebook, Twitter, Mybloglog and other social communities online, you can easily connect with other bloggers. If you are active in these communities, before you know it, more traffic will be flowing to your blog, which obviously will help you in making more money with your blog. 7. Not reading Ogbongeblog Though my blog might not be the biggest in Nigeria, but I am sure you will agree with me that this is the biggest mistake any Nigerian blogger can make. Smiles******   As you can see, you might be frustrated blogging online if you fail to consider the points that I have explained in this report. If you wish to make good money from blogging ,I encourage you to take blogging as a business because if you do not take it as a business,you will not give it what a business needs, which simply means you might fail. I pray, you don't. Amen. In my future articles, I will be writing about different

On Liberty reserve nd paypal verification.

This piece is written to show you how to open as well as verify your PayPal account so that you can tap into the endless Internet business opportunities. What does getting verified means? To be verified means that you have successfully linked a confirmed US or any other approved country’s account to your PayPal account or that you have been approved for a PayPal Plus Credit Card or Buyer Credit Card. It helps confirm your identity and increases the overall security of PayPal system. Step-by-step on how to open your PayPal account from Nigeria ACCOUNT OPENING REQUIREMENT (1) An email: A free email like yahoo email is okay. (2) A permanent IP changer like Your-Freedom software , Ultrasurf , www. or proxy sites like: (Note: The use of proxy sites is not 100 % safe) Be mindful that you MUST NOT access any link that has to do with PayPal directly with Nigeria IP for safety reasons,hence you must always change your IP. (3) A liberty reserve account: you can open that by going to 7BtZYx , it is free and easy to open, and they allow all country. Contact me asap if you do not know how to fund your Liberty Reserve in Nigeria. PREAMBLE We are going to use a non European address and non- European Victual Visa Card in the registration and verification of the PayPal account. We shall get any non-European address that PayPal accepts their country and also get a non European virtual card from (1) Go to , click on the card for PayPal verification and then choose non-European card. (2) Type the amount of unit you want to buy and put your email, this is the email they are going to send the detail of your card, click on calculate price. Then you click the link to buy the card through Liberty reserve, follow the process of paying through the liberty reserve, the card presently is $7.50 , so your liberty reserve account will be charged with $7.50. (3) In about an hour the card detail will be sent to your email. Note: you have to use this card within 24 hrs. (4) Get a non European address , look for a non-European address of a country that PayPal accepts and use it in your registration with PayPal or you can choose from my list “. (5) Go to type the yellow page of a non-European country that PayPal accepts e.g. china yellow page. A list of links from google comes up; choose a link that has to do with addresses of businesses. It will now demand that you should put the category of business address you are looking for, just type computer stores or Beauty salons etc, to give us addresses of these businesses. Use the detail address of any of the addresses that comes up in your registration with PayPal. You can use any of the address below; just change the number of the address so that it will not be completely identical will another person. * Address: 248 Xizang Zhong Road City: Shanghai Zip Code: 200001 State : Shanghai Country : CHINA Phone: + 86 21 6122 8888 * Address: 62 Fuxi Street City: Taiyuan Zip Code : 030002 State : Shanxi Country : CHINA Phone : + 86 351 868 9292 After the detail of the visa credit card has arrived in your email go to www. to start your registration. Never do anything with PayPal with an IP of a country that PayPal does not accept, so you have to use a proxy site, IP changer or anonymizer for this whole deal, you can use , , . In the search box given, type and press "enter" on your keyboard. When you get to PayPal site, click on signup Choose China for example as your country and choose premium as type of account and continue. Fill the other detail, you can use your normal name, type the email and password you want to be using for your PayPal account, use the address detail you have gotten above to fill the form, the number in the address is the post code, put the city and the state and then put China as the country of citizenship. Fill every other part of the form and click sign up at the bottom. When you finish this session don’t go further, go straight to your email and confirm your email before coming back to put your virtual card. You still need to do two things : 1. To confirm your email. 2. To verify your account by adding a card. You will need to hide your IP when you are accessing your email to confirm your PayPal email because by clicking the link PayPal sent to you, you will be re-directed to PayPal website and if you don’t hide your IP when accessing your email, PayPal will discover your real IP and limitation will be placed on your account . So, first type, then in the search box type the website of your email like and then enter your email, when you get to your email, click on the email sent to you by PayPal, when you get to the email, click on confirm your email, it will demand for you password, put it and get your email confirmed. Login into your PayPal account and go ahead