Friday, July 2, 2010

Paypal lesson 3

In this post, you will be shown how to open an unverified PayPal account in Nigeria using your Nigerian address and your Nigerian I.P Let's Begin INTRODUCTION:
The first thing is for you to go over to the PayPal website and that is . Once you get to the website, look at the top of the page and click on SIGN UP. If you find that hard to do, then just go directly to the registration page which is After clicking on the sign up page, you will then be directed in less than 20 seconds by PayPal to another page where you will be asked to select: Country Language Type of account In the country choose NIGER [You will soon see later why you should choose Niger]. In the language section, choose the U.S ENGLISH and then Choose a PERSONAL ACCOUNT type. Click Get Started, When the next page displays. It will bring out a form that you will be required to fill. Some of the details that you will be asked to fill in are: First Name: Last Name: Email Address: Phone Number: Those ones won’t be hard for you to answer. So let’s just go straight to the area where you will asked to choose: A country Put your address Phone number Zip code PayPal account login and finally password recovery question an answer. This is where most Nigerians get to and then there seems to be no way out. In the section where you will be asked to select your country of citizenship, choose NIGERIA . The reason is this, a NIGER address looks almost like a Nigerian address that it will take only someone who has been to both countries to be able to detect. Not only does the name NIGERIA and NIGER looks similar the addresses that are used in both countries are alike. Once again choose NIGERIA . After you have done that, go ahead and place your Nigerian HOME address in the address section. Put the Nigerian ZIP which is 234 and your state Code, for example if you stay in Lagos it will be something like 23401 , while someone who stays in Ibadan will have to write 23402. Just in case you are not sure of your zip-code, just include 23400 . It will be accepted. After you have done that go ahead and complete the remaining questions there like. QUESTION & ANSWERS section. Choose a question and answer that you will not easily forget so that just in case you misplace your password you can easily get it back rather than trying to open another new PayPal account, you might lose money if you neglect the importance of choosing and answering a question you won’t easily forget. Also in the PayPal account login information box, choose the email that you are going to be using for your PayPal account. It will be like your account number, so when someone wants to pay into your PayPal account all they will need is just your PayPal account email address. When you do all this, click the SIGN UP button and the finally. You will be taken to a page confirming your registration. In the last page PayPal will notify that you have been sent a confirmation link in the email you placed in the form while registering, Go back to the email address that you placed. Open the PayPal email, click the link and confirm. And then,  what about the I.P address issue? Nice question. This is what happened. While NIGER is seen as your country or region and you choose NIGERIA as your country of citizenship, If tomorrow they see you open your PayPal account in with a Nigeria I.P, they wont block it because they will “assume” that you are in your country [Nigeria], not just that like I said if you are using an unverified account it even increases your chances of not being blocked to 101 %. Meanwhile I will advice that you don't always check your PayPal account. Check your PayPal maybe once or maximum twice a month. Another way to add to this system is to block your I.P address. With this you can open your PayPal account without any fears. Once you are able to use a powerful software to change your i.p address you be will be sure that your money in your PayPal account won't get frozen. Here is a software that less than 50 people use in Nigeria. It was created by the chinese and very expensive too. Download the software to your system, follow the instructions and your I.P will be covered or changed to a country suitable for PayPal. Download the software from: zip NOTE: Whenever someone pays money into your PayPal account, PayPal immediately sends you an email that a payment has been sent to you. Which means that you should only check your PayPal, when you want to transfer the money.

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